Bar B-52 is a very "in" bar
and you will find it to the
main road of Agia Marina.

The day is a cafe - snack bar
and the night a bar - club.

The place is beautiful with
a relaxing atmosphere, in order
to have a good time.
The morning you can have breakfast
and drink your coffee or cold juice.

Thea noon you will find
the chearest and easiest solution
in B-52 with a crepe or a sweet
crepe, a tost or a waffle.
During the day we have all kind of coffess,
crepe, milk-shake, yogurt with honey
and fruits, fruitsalads, beverages,
wine, beer, drinks, unusual cocktails.

Late in the night you can have
fun with loud music and drinks.


BAR B-52
Agia Marina
Tel.: (+30) 22970 - 32801